TCR Large Capacity Air Hoist

Large Capacity Air Hoists Handle the Toughest Jobs

These high-performance hoists have all of the power required for lifting very heavy material and are the ideal choice for extreme applications including in mines, shipyards, heavy construction, rigging situations and the petrochemical industry.

Load Limiter

This air balancing device is designed to stop lifting when load is over rated capacity to protect the hoist and the operator.

Cast Iron Housing

The housing has the strength to endure outdoor or extremely harsh environments.

Disc Motor Brake

Our super reliable TCR internal disc brake is completely protected from the environment and ensures instant brake activation and load support.

  • 10 & 25 Ton
  • High-strength cast iron housing for proven weather resistance and durability in harsh environments
  • Airtight for efficient use of air
  • Air Supply:170 – 220 cfm at 60 – 90 psi
  • Air Lubrication: Minimum 10 – 15 drops of oil per minute (0.2 – 0.3 cc/min.)
  • Air Filtration: Maximum 5 micron air filter or finer required
  • Air Inlet Port: 1" NPT
  • Air Supply Hose Minimum Size: 1"
  • Pendant or cord
  • Provides outstanding control for fine feathering movements using a spring-loaded multi-vane motor design
  • Comfortable noise levels
  • Temperature range +14° to 140ºF
  • Humidity 85% or less
  • Heavy-duty, self-adjusting brake
  • Precise braking action
  • Spring-loaded multi-vane design for fine feathering control
  • Adjustable load limiter detects overload automatically and blocks air flow for lifting
  • Standard upper & lower limit stops prevent over-travel of hook in either direction
  • Pendant or cord control
  • Canvas or steel chain container
  • Custom lift or pendant length