Load Testers

Load Testing Made Easy

Harrington's SHLT2 are designed to test manual hoists and DHLT2 are able to test manual and powered hoists. Both of our hoist load testers are able to perform load tests of up to 10 Ton and were designed to test hoists in accordance with ANSI/ASME B30.16 and B30.21 requirements. Testing of load carrying parts becomes effortless with these reliable testers.

Eliminate The Need For Bulky Test Weights

The SHLT2 and DHLT2 take only a 5' x 7'2" area by 8'9" height so you don't have to lose valuable space to a bulky test stand.

Hydraulic Pressure Gauge

Both load testers indicate the applied load on an easy-to-read hydraulic pressure gauge.

Test Efficiently

The DHLT2 tests hoists with speeds up to 35 feet per minute.

  • Capable of testing hoists through 10 Ton
  • SHLT2 - Static load testing for manual hoists
  • DHLT2 - Dynamic load testing for powered and manual hoists
  • Open design for easy loading and unloading of hoists
  • Runs on 220 V of single-phase power
  • Applies the test load while the hoist is in operation
  • Mounted on four wheels for mobility
  • Bolted construction allows for quick assembly