• Easily lift and position rolls 
  • Utilized where headroom is limited 
  • Comes with a pair of fixed or pivoting J-Hooks
  • Manufactured to ASME B30.20 & BTH-1 Design Class B Service Class 2
  • Low headroom design
  • Smooth edges to minimize wear on lifting straps
  • Made in USA
  • 100% of all Harrington Lifting Beams are Proof-Tested to 125% capacity and certificates supplied at no additional charge
  • (A): Dual bail option - Utilizes multiple hoists to add stability to the lift
  • (B): Hook lining option - Utilizes bronze, brass, urethane, or brake linings to provide additional protection to the mandrel or shaft
  • (C): Adjustable spread option - Allows the lifter to handle rolls of varying width
  • (D): Motorized rotation option - Provides the option for remote positioning of the load
  • (E): Spreader beam design option - Provides greater stability when headroom is not limited
  • Manual or motorized beam rotation
  • Adjustable spread
  • Higher capacities
  • Additional lengths
  • Low headroom bail
  • Dual bail designed for two hoists
  • Spreader beam design with top rigging
  • Additional hooks
  • Hook linings (bronze/brass, urethane, brake lining)
  • Beam stand